Coming Up For Air is the home of Lark Rise Pictures' air quality "umbrella of knowledge".

We've been telling stories about often complex environmental and social issues through documentary film and photography for over 15 years.  Air quality has been on our radar for a while but, the more we researched, the more we knew we needed to spread the word. It's a story of so many facets - health, law, policy and politics, willpower, technology, corruption, invention, despair and a huge amount of hope. The thing that is maybe the most exciting is that a solution to the problem is absolutely achievable within a reasonably short space of time.

We received funding from the JJ Charitable Trust to make this first short introductory film "AIR". The aim was to take some information that was already out there in the media, and a bit more that's not, and bring it together in this short creative film to interest a wider audience.

We have many more film ideas up our sleeve on this topic - some in development, most that will need further support to make. If you would like to help with this, please do get in touch.

Meet the team:

Eleanor Church is the director and founder of Lark Rise Pictures. With a background in documentary, investigative and creative filmmaking and photography, the projects that she has worked on have taken her across the UK and the world, often working in challenging environments. Eleanor works on a variety of projects, both documentary and commercial, with a particular interest in stories that focus on society, environment, women, human rights, migration and supply chains.

Her work has been shown on The Guardian, Al Jazeera, the BBC, Spanish national TV, at the US State Department, a number of high profile UN and international meetings and at exhibitions and film festivals.  She is also fluent in French, speaks good conversational Spanish and has a Masters degree in Documentary Practice. She has travelled widely and lived in a number of European cities.


Larissa Clark is our development & communications person. Larissa is a senior marketing, PR, communications and business development specialist that gets a kick out of creating and delivering brilliant campaigns for inspiring and interesting organisations. Her focus is marketing, fundraising, public relations, stakeholder engagement and media projects for meaningful commercial and impactful non-profits. 

Inspired by the power of film to tell a story and act as a catalyst for change she’s worked with Eleanor on a number of diverse projects since they met at the Environmental Justice Foundation a decade ago.

Larissa has a BSc degree in International Management and has lived and worked on projects in Europe, USA and Africa. An avid 'slow' traveller she's sailed across the Atlantic ocean and is the co-founder of Another World Adventures.


Hermione Toulson is our researcher. Hermione assists with research, writing, and social engagement. She is interested in methods of community involvement and activism and on instigating societal change, and is involved in a variety of projects with an emphasis on sustainability, social justice, and public health. She believes that film is an essential tool in raising awareness around these issues.  

On graduating from University with a BSc in Physiotherapy, Hermione worked as a therapist in a respiratory hospital. Her first-hand experience of the effects of air pollution on public health make her particularly excited about our Coming Up For Air project.

Hermione is working hard to improve her French, and is writing her first book.